AIPAD 2016 With Photographer Mona Kuhn

AIPAD: Jackson Fine Art #404
Photograph by Mona Kuhn from her Acido Dorado Series
AIPAD: Jackson Fine Art #404
Mona Kuhn photographs at Jackson Fine Art
from her Acido Dorado Series, 2014

on her series

AIPAD: FOLEY Gallery #421
Photographer Wyatt Gallery (artwork on the wall) 
with Michael Foley and Mona Kuhn

AIPAD: Kopeikin Gallery #109
Paul Kopeikin with
Carolyn Louise Newhouse
AIPAD: ClampArt #108
Julie Grahame and Brian Paul Clamp

AIPAD: Howard Greenberg Gallery ##201
Alex Majou, Scene #0880, Brazzaville, Congo
Scene at a train station, 2013

AIPAD: Flowers Gallery, NY #418
Nadav Kander: Chongqing I, Chongqing Municipality, 2006
AIPAD: Monroe Gallery of Photography #104
Vintage PhotoJournalism 
AIPAD: Rick Wester Gallery #102
Photographer: Ima Mfon

AIPAD: Robert Mann Gallery #409
Photograph Paulette Tavormina

Robert Mann Gallery #409
Photographers Mona Kuhn and Paulette Tavormina

AIPAD: Jackson Fine Art #404
Mona Kuhn at Jackson FineArt. Photographs: Kahn + Selesnick

April 14-17, 2016
*The Association of International Photography Art Dealers

Celebrating its 36th year in 2016, AIPAD was held in Manhattan’s Upper East Side at the Park Avenue Armory. This is a small glimpse into the work from 85 leading international photography art galleries exhibiting. Begin your photography collection here!

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