CHARLOTTE TEMPLE: South of The Clouds Journeys Through Southeast China

  Photograph © Charlotte Temple  

  Zhaoxing Terraces, Spring 2007
Photograph © Charlotte Temple 

  Photograph © Charlotte Temple 

  Village Elder, 1992 © Charlotte Temple  

  Photograph © Charlotte Temple 

 Charlotte Temple with Liu Family
Shidong, Guizhou Province, China, 1998 

Textile  Display

  A view of the exhibition with Charlotte Temple

Photographer Charlotte Temple, "South of the Cloud"
The Museum of East Texas

"In Southeast China many of the young have left for the cities leaving the old and the very young at home among the villages and terraced fields. They return with new prosperity and new ideas, changing forever an ancient and tenacious way of life….While the photographer laments the disappearance of the beautiful old villages and old customs, the harshness of the old way of life is giving way to a new freedom and the intrusions—finally—of modernity.” –Charlotte Temple

While on my way to FotoFest in Houston, I was honored to be given a tour of Charlotte Temple’s exhibition opening at The Museum of East Texas’ April 3, 2016, by the museum's Director, J.P. McDonald, as it was being hung. Temple has been photographing rural China and it’s minority areas for over thirty years. She’s traveled to many of the "remote reaches of the country documenting the enduring beauty of the land and it’s people, their dignity and resilience.” The exhibition of over one hundred images, includes the regions ancient terraced landscapes and portraits of the  work-hardened villagers, along with the unique handmade textiles made in that particular region given to Temple by the generosity of the family’s who opened their village home to her. 

"South of the Clouds: Journeys Through Southeast China”
Photographs by Charlotte Temple
Opening April 3 – May, 22, 2016
The Museum of East Texas
503 North Second Street
Lufkin, Texas, 75901 USA
Artist Talk and Walk-thru: April 9th


The Museum of East Texas, Lufkin, Texas
Executive Director: J.P. McDonald


Joe Murray said...

Her images are on par with the photos in National Geohraphic.

Olli said...

The second Picture Looks wonderfull. You can see far into the distance.