ADAM MAGYAR: Can You Alter Time

 From the series "Squares” 2007
Photograph (c) Adam Magyar

“Shanghai, 2007” 
Photograph (c) Adam Magyar

#03621  Tokyo, 2010 / from the series Stainless
Photograph (c) Adam Magyar

#03621 Tokyo, 2010, magnified
Photograph (c) Adam Magyar
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VIDEO Excerpt: Shinjuku (Tokyo, 2013)

Recently at 'The Center for Photography at Woodstock' event (The New York Portfolio Intensive at CPW's Founder Howard Greenberg's New York Gallery) I was reintroduced to Berlin based Hungarian photographer, Adam Magyar, who reminded me I had posted his work in 2009 when first starting this Photo Journal. Unfortunately the original images I posted have since disappeared off his post (11.30.2009) so it seems appropriate to update now!  

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Photographer and video artist Adam Magyar is asking the big questions about Life and Time. His work takes us in-between those spaces we normally can't view. Watch his TEDx TALK to get a small glimpse into his larger vision: TEDx TALK

"Magyar has with his latest invention, managed to bend the conventional representations of time and space, stretching milliseconds into minutes, freezing moments with a resolution that the naked eye could never have perceived."

"Traveler, artist, visualizer and a self-taught photographer who is taking the world by storm; it wouldn’t be wrong to call this high-school dropout the Einstein of photography. Adam has successfully invented a new technique of photography which allows him to take high-resolution photos of speeding trains and passengers in the subway and turn this footage of seconds into minutes, allowing his audience to get a slow glimpse into the fast-paced human life."

"Born in Hungary, Magyar started taking pictures in his late twenties. A traveler at heart, he wandered through Asia and captured images of Indian street vendors, holy men, and students. His work evolved rapidly from conventional documentary photography to surreal, radically experimental imagery that reflected his obsession with finding innovative new uses for digital technology." – TEDx Talks, 2015

The Center for Photography at Woodstock Director, Hannah Frieser, with Berlin-based Hungarian photographer Adam Magyar, at the New York City Portfolio Intensive at CPWs Founder Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC, May 21, 2018.

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