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Jurors Award 
Point 660, 2, 08, 2008
© Olaf Otto Becker

Directors Award 
© Lynn Savarese

Honorable Mention
Untitled #3. Into the Deep
© Sandra Chen Weinstein 

Honorable Mention
© Leslie Jean-Bart

Honorable Mention
Raising Goosebumps #2
© Cate Wnek

 Andrew, Rio Celeste No. 2
© db Waltrip
Water #6
© David Reinfeld

Nature of Water 3
© Benjamin Bobkoff

 Alien Twins
© Aimée Hoving

© Sarah Schorr

Juror: Elizabeth Avedon 
PhotoPlace Gallery

Seventy percent of the world's surface is covered by water. It shimmers, it soothes, it heals, it brings joy. It can be devastating in its destructive force, and equally devastating by its absence. How fortunate we are to be able to travel to places where clean water is still abundant that we can swim and play, document and create art, in and around it. It is easy to take for granted, considering it may soon be our most expensive commodity. The magic of the submitted images ranged from the very realistic, documenting the fragility of our disappearing glaciers, to the mysterious, focusing on the beauty and perfection of even the smallest precious drop.

The Juror's Award "Point 660, 2, 08,2008” goes to Olaf Otto Becker, who photographed the measuring station Swiss Camp, Greenland, where glaciologists and climate researchers work on predicting the planet's future. "Point 660, 2, 08,2008” is a formidable landscape and popular tourist spot where taking photographs of one another may soon be over. In one hundred years Becker’s photographs may be all that's left to view of this extraordinary world.

The Director's Award goes to Lynn Savarese and her black and white image "Rage" at Fossar: Icelandic Falls. Lynn has photographed some of the world’s more colossal waterfalls, this one being one of Iceland’s tallest.

Honorable Mentions goes to Leslie Jean-Bart, Sandra Chen Weinstein, and Cate Wnek.

View the entire Gallery + Online Gallery exhibition here. Thank you to all who entered.  — Elizabeth Avedon

Juror: Elizabeth Avedon
 thru August 10, 2019
PhotoPlace Gallery
3 Park Street
Middlebury, Vermont

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The Water Project: TheWaterProject.org
FreshWater Watch: freshwaterwatch.thewaterhub.org
4ocean Clean-up:  https://4ocean.com

 Northwestern Glacier
© Frank Zurey

 Nymph, 2019
 © Paola Telesca

Sea Lion
© Caren Winnall

Many images are available for purchase!
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