South x Southeast Magazine April-May Issue: 8 Curator's Choice Portfolio's

Time & Timing © Leslie Jean Bart

  Portrait © Sandra Chen Weinstein

I chose eight photographers from the exhibition "Open Up Your Archive" I curated for South x Southeast Photography Gallery, to be featured in the April-May Issue of South x Southeast Photo Magazine. Each photographer chose a portfolio of their images to publish. Here are Jeremiah Dine, Ellen Jantzen, Kristen Emack, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Leslie Jean Bart, Charlyn Zlotnik, Lucie Canfield, and Nicole LeCorgne. SxSE Photo Magazine



Curator's Choice

“Open Up Your Archive" exhibition curated by Elizabeth Avedon for South x Southeast Photo Gallery, Molena, Georgia. March - May 2021 View All: www.sxsegallery (dot) com View on Instagram @sxsephotogallery