ROB HAGGART: A Photo Editor

Magazine Interview via aphotoeditor.com

If you haven't followed Rob Haggart's, A Photo Editor blog, you've been missing some of the most interesting and informative updates for professional photographers, photo editors and all other readers. Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men's Journal and Outside Magazine, is a voice of sanity amid the current chaos on the state of magazine and book publishing today, ongoing copyright issues, industry news, and a good resource for creative professionals in general.

This week, "A Photo Editor" posted Richard Avedon's 1976 groundbreaking portrait series THE FAMILY, depicting the most powerful figures in the American political, military, media, and corporate elite at that time. Before the Annie Leibovitz Clinton Administration portraits in 1993's Vanity Fair, and before the recent NY Times portraits of Obama’s Cabinet, this series was commissioned by Jann Wenner for Rolling Stone Magazine.
THE FAMILY: http://www.aphotoeditor.com
All three series: http://petergrahamcom.blogspot.com

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