APRIL: Snakes

Charmers, 2003. Photograph (c) Tom Chambers / All Rights reserved

Snake Scare, 2009. Photograph (c) Emily Zoladz / All Rights reserved

PHOTOGRAPHS: Tom Chambers and Emily Zoladz


eyeshoot said...

I love the kid's faces in the bottom picture, they're priceless!

Lynda Hill said...

Elizabeth! A friend in Bali and I have been talking about snakes for the last few weeks... the issue keeps coming up... Aries 14 has been around and will be around again with Mars and Venus. Fascinating!

Lynda Hill said...

Elizabeth, to clarify: Aries 14 is A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a Woman - it's about snakes and knowledge and the Garden of Eden and Kundalini energy and sexual issues, life and death, Adam and Eve - all that.

There's been heaps of energy on that degree as Venus went retrograde (moved very slowly for days) over that degree and the Sun last week and Mercury before it.

I was quite taken aback to see these photos - they are wonderful! The boys with the snakes is fantastic.

Waving from DownUnder :)