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The Smithsonian Photography Initiative announced The Bigger Picture their new blog which presents an inside look into the Smithsonian’s photography collections. The blog is produced by the Photography Initiative in collaboration with guest contributors from throughout the Smithsonian.

"Photography and the Smithsonian were born within a decade of each other in the mid-19th century. The Smithsonian now has more than 13 million images in 700 collections throughout its 19 museums, nine research centers and the National Zoo. The Bigger Picture uses these collections and the Institution’s experts to stimulate an active conversation about the medium, its history and its meaning in people’s lives. The blog is intended to present multiple perspectives about the impact of photography and highlight the work of curators, photographers, historians and other Smithsonian staff members. It invites the general public to participate in the dialogue by commenting on Smithsonian posts."

The Bigger Picture is great for those of us who love to research vintage photos and a chance to meet the people behind the scene responsible for accumulating, editing and storing them for us.

The Bigger Picture: http://blog.photography.si.edu
SPI Photo Search: http://photography.si.edu/SearchImage.aspx

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