WILLIAM KLEIN: American Suburb X

From Mister Freedom: An Interview With William Klein
Photograph © William Klein

I'm in awe of William Klein's photograph above. If I had taken this photograph I would never do anything else ever again. It's just perfect and complete. I found an excellent interview with William Klein (here) on one of my favorite photography websites AMERCIAN SUBURB X. There's also a cool photograph of a very young Garry Winogrand (here) accompanying his Bill Moyers Interview, Richard Avedon's spectacular portrait of artist June Leaf (long ago my painting teacher), along with features on Arbus, Eggleston, Friedlander, Szarkowski, Walker Evans, Philip-Lorca diCorcia and on and on...a great site, check it out: AMERICAN SUBURB X


Rob Hann said...

I agree. American Suburb X is an education! There's some great stuff on there.

-K- said...

Wow - I really should be working but American Suburb X is fantastic. Thanks.