GEORG KUETTINGER: Landscapes Remixed

Salinas del Janubio © Georg Kuettinger/ All rights reserved
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Cols © Georg Kuettinger/ All rights reserved
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Ski Trails © Georg Kuettinger/ All rights reserved
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GEORG KUETTINGER: "The project landscape: remixed is an examination of perception, density of space and time, horizons and stories of landscapes. Concentrating on landscapes as a result of human interactions the concept and term of landscapes: remixed is similar to a song remix by a DJ: The remix is re-editing the rhythm and shape of the motif as well as the changing of the time, tracking the main aspect of a designed landscape to be elaborated as the concept or idea of the structure of the image. Taking always a number of single photos of one motif from many different points of view the goal of the work is creating images as possibilities of the landscapes they are based on.

Compressed into one picture frame the single images and different perspectives are melted together to one image- each single shot given a new context within the structure of the image, creating a complex web of perspectives and overlappings. The perspectives are stretched, shifted and compressed-remixed-by dissolving the confines of a static space/time model while blurring the boundaries of the reality of the places the single images are taken from and their possible perceptions. Basically the themes which are used are methods of engineering phenomena-thus generating augmented reality. These images are created analogously to the selective perception by the observer and the thus impressed memory: simultaneous dynamic panoramas, possibilities of the represented landscapes: remixed. Georg was one of 100 photographers invited to participate in Review Santa Fe 2009.

Georg Kuettinger Munich
Galerie Pascal Janssens, Gent (solo show) / june 20 - september 5
Galerie Le Point Rouge, Lausanne (solo show) / may 8 - june25
Artgalerie7, Koeln (group show) / june 5 - august 8
KIC-Nordart, Büdelsdorf (group show) / june 13 - september 27

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