Goat Herder, 2007. Karnataka, India (click to enlarge)
Photograph (c) Nicholas Vreeland/All rights reserved


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

The eyes are the window to the soul- came to mind immediately when I saw this photograph. la

Foquinha! said...

Very gorgeous, the gesture of making sure, with smile in the eyes!!!

Cheers! :)

Empire Design said...

My goodness, what a wonderful site, having just learned of your blog I shall become a reader. I am fascinated by the image of the restaurant boats in China. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, I feel honored.

kindest regards
Becca Madden

Italo said...

It's beautiful to know that each day I can see beautiful photos, with you :D

krys kirkpatrick said...

Oh my god, does he know he is the fashion colors of the moment. That mustard with the red...I love it.
Beautiful, captivating photograph.

sara said...

beautiful imagery. i love the body paint, such amazing colors. very inspirational. thank you.

pve design said...

Thanks for following my blog. These images remind me to enjoy the moment with a compassionate and open heart.