Road to Mironu
Photograph (c) Joakim Eskildsen
/All Rights Reserved

Venus and Mucusoara, Stefanesti
Photograph (c) Joakim Eskildsen
/All Rights Reserved

Strada Eternitatii, Vlasca
Photograph (c) Joakim Eskildsen
/All Rights Reserved

The Long Plaits, Tirnaveni
(c) Joakim Eskildsen
/All Rights Reserved

Family in Szent Miklós, Haranglab
Photograph (c) Joakim Eskildsen
/All Rights Reserved

Danish photographer, Joakim Eskildsen, traveled with writer, Cia Rinne, through the 7 Roma countries (Hungary, India, Greece, Romania, France, Russia, and Finland), photographing this project for seven years. Often staying with families for long periods in order to learn about their life, their culture, and their situation, The Roma Journeys is a very personal document of these encounters, giving a contemporary view of the lives of the Roma people and their situation today.
FotoSalon i Århus (Lecture), 27 February, 2010


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Elizabeth, a constant fascination for me-I can not wait to get this book. pgt

Avalon said...

These are awesome.

kyungmee said...

wow..how incredible..fascinating study and journey for all! And the wonderful images that came from it.

davidpostatny said...

great pictures. also with the romanian gypsies.

agawphotography said...

very good pictures ;)

ChilinOsvaldo said...

la primera foto es increible!!!
la quede mirando mucho tiempo
mis sinceras felicitaciones
saludos desde Argentina

Mihai said...

Last set of photos is very beautiful. Congratulations

d. moll, l.ac. said...

again, speechless

Caio Fern said...

wonderful images ... and diferent cultures in a so similar way .

amatamari© said...

Oh magnificent!

Slimeface said...

I really like this series! Great road shot on top!!


Que maravilha as fotos!!!

"... E de novo acredito que nada do que é
importante se perde verdadeiramente
Apenas nos iludimos, julgando ser donos das coisas,
dos instantes e dos outros.
Comigo caminham todos os mortos que amei,
todos os amigos que se afastaram,
todos os dias felizes que se apagaram.
Não perdi nada, apenas a ilusão de que tudo podia ser meu para sempre."

Miguel Sousa Tavares

Desejo uma linda semana.
Abraços com carinho.

bawgaj said...

i ve got this book, it is worth buying !!!

JL Cancio said...

Una "road movie" a la Italiana!
Un beso!

cornel said...

romanian gypsies are fascinating but there also a lot of interesting aspects of romanian life...the peasants, landscape, danube delta ...and so on

Arte Joe said...

Exelente serie, me gusta lo que muestran y me gustan por su calidad artística.
Saludos, José

heph said...

beautiful photos

Ange said...

Ahh les Romanos ... a mystical breed. I live near them myself.

Narnia's photos said...

I really appreciate your website. Very impressive photo work.