LACEY TERRELL: The Passing Ring

Photograph (c) Lacey Terrell /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Lacey Terrell /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Lacey Terrell /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Lacey Terrell /All Rights Reserved

The Passing Ring is a portrait of one of the last nomadic tribes in America, the Culpepper & Merriweather Great Combined Circus. A traditional one-ring Big Top show, with winter quarters in Hugo, Oklahoma, C&M travels everyday, for 8 months of the year. Over the past 13 years, Lacey Terrell has had the good fortune to photograph the show through much of California, Montana, Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Minnesota and Arizona. read more...

February 4th, the first exhibit of this work will be featured in a 3 person show, Photography: Three Worlds, also featuring the work of Andrew Buck and Phil Stern,
at the Flinn Gallery, Greenwich, CT.


Dirty Hair Halo said...

Cool pics, I've always found circuses weirdly inspiring.


Ann Marie said...

Wow. These are great! So glad to stumble on your blog. It's so great!

Elin said...

I still love circus! Once a year I visit Circus Benneweiss (DK) and bring my sketchbook as well . . . !

The pic with the dude and elephant is wonderful . . . !!

The Trunk . . . !!
This reminds me of Skagen last summer! I met an elephant there, walking in the streets, and I was lucky to get a picture!
(click my name)

davidpostatny said...

Yes, living with a nomad circus for a couple of weeks could be great to make a perfect reportage. I wish I have that chance too.

Caio Fern said...

the first one remembers me Degas , even the colors combination .
cool series .

Anonymous said...

These pictures are spectacular!

Apt 3 Photography said...

Wonderful! I really like the one of the man in the doorway. Great composition!

Anonymous said...

Great this photos! You have a wonderful view

Bruce Barone said...