LENS CULTURE: International Exposure Awards

Lens Culture International Exposure Awards

Jim Casper of "Lens Culture" wrote a lovely piece today on his blog about Jessica Hine's book, "My Brother's War" and my design. (Now in LensCulture's Feb 2010 Archive) He wrote:

Photobook: Young Soldiers and Traumatic Stress after War

"Here's another success story that came out the Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2009. Photographer Jessica Hines won an honorable mention in our global photography competition -- and thus an opportunity to publish a photobook at Blurb.com. She took this as inspiration and teamed up with Elizabeth Avedon (the designer of many of Richard Avedon's stunningly beautiful photography books, and his daughter-in-law) to publish this blockbuster of a book. It's a remarkable photobook that conveys an important political message as well as the compelling story of a personal tragedy that confronts some difficult, universal truths. Brilliant combination of great photography, thoughtful text, and excellent book design. Highly recommended!" Thank you, Jim!

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