HOME PAGES | Stern Projects LLC  
Photograph © David S. Allee / All rights reserved
 HOME PAGES | Stern Projects LLC
Photograph © Joshua McHugh / All rights reserved

HOME PAGES | Stern Projects LLC
Photograph © David S. Allee / All rights reserved

PORTFOLIO | Central Park West Penthouse
Photographs © David S. Allee / All rights reserved

PORTFOLIO | Box Studios 

 PORTFOLIO | Greek Revival Townhouse  
Photograph © Peter Aaron/Esto / All rights reserved

Less Is Only More Where More Is No Good –Frank Lloyd Wright
The new Stern Projects LLC website launched today. Stern Projects LLC is the bespoke building and construction management firm for New York City’s most refined real estate and residents. As the son of notable architect, Robert A.M. Stern, Nicholas S.G. Stern learned invaluable lessons about the delicate balance between form and function. Working with the most esteemed architects, designers and clients in distinguished buildings and on notable blocks across Manhattan, they are dedicated to realizing unique aesthetic visions, and passionately execute superlative iterations of interior and exterior art and craft.I have to admit I have a direct connection to this website – having designed it. Creating the Stern Projects website gave me the great opportunity to work with images from some of America's top Architectural photographers such as Peter Aaron/Esto, who photographed Robert A.M. Stern Architects Greek Revival Townhouse; David S. Allee, who photographed the Legorreta + Legorreta Architects Central Park West Penthouse; Andrew Garn, who photographed the Axis Mundi Architects Federal Townhouse; Joshua McHugh, who photographed the gold room with Buddha image on the Home page; and Peter Paige, who photographed the Gustavson/Dundes Architects Central Park South Penthouse.
What makes this group of individuals best in their field? Peter Aaron says of his work on his website, "The great photographer Arnold Newman said, "Photography is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent moving furniture." In addition to pondering these issues, along with color, contrast, and composition, I try to create several views within each larger picture."

David S. Allee
photographed the extraordinary Central Park West Penthouse designed by Mexican Architects Legorreta + Legorreta, working with our web project guru, Richard Mauro, Director of Media, Sara Vass Public Relations & Consulting firm. Mauro commented, “David Allee’s photographs for Stern Projects interpret the architect’s vision and the builder’s craft as fine art. Utilizing available light and uncomplicated equipment, he captured the sophisticated and modern sculptural drama in this extraordinary penthouse overlooking Central Park. I cannot wait to work with him, again.” Allee's other assignments have included photographing the Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses, Fallingwater and the Massaro House, as well as many other pieces for NY Magazine. Besides his interiors, Allee, a former urban planner, is also known for his fine art photography, some shown here at the Morgan Lehman Gallery.

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