JASON FLORIO: Photojournalism May 12 Talk Soho Apple Theatre NYC

Duta Fotana Alkao (chief) of Pirang village, The Gambia watches over the village imam as he reads from the Koran. Photograph (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

from the Portrait series 930km African Odyssey
Photographs (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

Man wearing a baboon hat in the highlands of Ethiopia.
Photographs (c)
Jason Florio/All rights reserved

Children exit the water at a beach near Trinidad, Cuba as a storm approaches. Photographs (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

Texas from above.
Photographs (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

Horsemen enroute to a wedding in the highlands of Ethiopia.
Photographs (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

Young boy selling a magazine with the picture of Angelina Jolie on the cover. Butcher street, Kabul, Afghanistan. Photographs (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

After meeting Photojournalist Jason Florio at last year's Review Santa Fe, I posted some photographs (on 9.15.09) from his project Makasutu: Mecca In The Forest, now on sale on Blurb Books, and my favorite quote of his which covers everything you might find about his work.
+ + +

I have been arrested by the Taliban...ridden into far-flung Afghan valleys in search of nomads with mujahideen as my security, dressed as a woman to cross a border, was at the foot of the Twin Towers as they collapsed, enjoyed the 'comforts' of a Cuban hospital, hunted bats in Surinam, chatted with Somali pirates over Coke and biscuits and danced like a fiend in Beirut nightclubs...among other things.
+ + +

Jason, and his partner,
Photography & Expedition Producer Helen Jones, made a 930km walk around The Gambia last year. You can view (and purchase) portraits he made along the route here: 930km African Odyssey

Jason's Website
Florio + Jones incredible Expedition Blog

Jason Florio and Sarah Small
APA/NY Lecture Series Soho Apple Store
May 12


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

phenomenal, what a quote, can not wait to explore the blog. thanks again-as always, pgt

Bruce Barone said...

WOW! What a life experience!!!

And I can't but think how people looking to jazz up their cover letters when applying for jobs could learn from this poetry.

Caio Fern said...

wonderful registres .

Matt said...

He's a great photographer, and his images of The Gambia are just ace - we interviewed him for our own blog just before he and Helen went on their long walk: http://www.thegambiablog.co.uk/2009/09/a-short-walk-in-the-gambian-bush/

Thanks for the blog!



Link To Interview Here said...

Matt, that's an Excellent Interview on your blog with Helen Jones and Jason Florio.

Isha Shiri said...


I loved all that you transmit and make me feel looking at his work.

Thank publish.

I wish you Peace,