from The Shower Series
Photograph (c) Manjari Sharma/All Rights Reserved

from The Shower Series
Photograph (c) Manjari Sharma/All Rights Reserved

from The Shower Series
Photograph (c) Manjari Sharma/All Rights Reserved

from The Shower Series
Photograph (c) Manjari Sharma/All Rights Reserved

from The Water Series
Photograph (c) Manjari Sharma/All Rights Reserved

"For the last few months I have been inviting people to visit my apartment and allow me to photograph them in a very intimate space; my bathroom. I have also been inviting them to take a shower as I continue to shoot them. I soon came to the observation that warm water running over my subjects bodies often relieved them of any unnerving awkwardness the camera brought about. Once they were relaxed, the bathroom, formerly a beauty parlour, now became a confessional and I the hair dresser. Many of my subjects shared intimate details of their life with me and every new person in the shower became a brand new allegory."

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I was first introduced to Manjari Sharma by Mary Virginia Swanson, at MVS's inspiring lecture at ASMP/NY last fall. I loved Manjari's "Shower Series" and also the Portfolio, Water and India series on her website. Sharma moved to the U.S. from India in 2001 to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, then moved back to India to travel and photograph. She then moved to NYC in 2007, where she's been shooting for AOL, Penguin Books, and others, as well as exhibiting her personal work. Manjari has been selected to present her portfolio for the prestigious Review Santa Fe 2010.

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May 18:
Show & Tell: Photographers Salon. Manjari Sharma will present "The Shower Series". Dot Editions, 119 8th St, Park Slope Brooklyn 6-9 pm.

May 21-23: San Francisco Fine Art Fair, Richard Levy Gallery, booth #11/12

June 4: Review Santa Fe Portfolio Viewing. An evening open to the public for free to view the work of all 100 photographers selected for Review Santa Fe.


Kristin H said...

Great post, the story behind "Show & Tell" also gave it a special touch! Strong pictures! Thank you:)

Bruce Barone said...

I visited her web site and was in awe of the images. I find The Shower Series particularly fascinating; the images, for me, are like stills from, say, an Ozo movie (although I believe he shot mostly with a 50mm near ground level), images which delineate a powerful narrative.

Caio Fern said...

i am totaly fascinated by the showers . incredile . they are really beautiful and this kind of quality arrest my atention .

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank you once again for introducing me to another wonderful photographer...the shower sequence is intriguing to see. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

letrangerinshanghai said...

An homae to Sophie Calle, who first invited total strangers in the street to come up spend a night in her bed, she would watch them sleep and photograph them.

Toni said...

Fantásticas fotografías.

José Ramón said...

Interesting Post.

Greetings from creativity and imagination photos of José Ramón

India said...

Esta vez,elijo mi idioma para escribir porque no creo que sepa hacerlo en inglés...
Pienso,que en el agua,o junto al agua,o con el agua...no podemos menos que sentirnos íntimos y desnudos y uno sólo...es algo a lo que pertenecemos,sí?
Geniales las fotos...como siempre...mucho que expresar!

Unknown said...

wow. these images are just stunning ...I'm in love with "Reflection"

joanna kapica said...

Really amazing work!