Drop-off and Border Fence, Sonora
Photograph (c) David Taylor /All Rights Reserved

Border Monument No.210 - N 32° 42.352' W 114° 54.596'
Photograph (c) David Taylor /All Rights Reserved

"For the last four years I have been photographing along the U.S.-Mexico border between El Paso/Juarez and Tijuana/San Diego. The project is organized around an effort to document all of the monuments that mark the international boundary west of the Rio Grande. The rigorous effort to reach all of the approximately 276 obelisks, which were installed between 1891 and 1895, has inevitably led to encounters with migrants, smugglers, Border Patrol agents, minutemen and local residents of the borderlands."David Taylor, Working The Line (Radius Books)

Old Lady and Granddaughter, Maramures, Romania
Photograph (c) David Leventi /All Rights Reserved

Market, Maramures, Romania
Photograph (c) David Leventi /All Rights Reserved

"Romania Revisited retraces my great-grandfather’s footsteps into an unexpected past. Based on stories told by my father and grandmother, I traveled to Romania with a 4x5” large format view camera, collecting lost memories on a journey through a country now struggling to put behind it a lifespan of tyranny, while all the best and brightest who dared or were able to left."David Leventi, Romania Revisited

Imperfect Apple, Summer, Aomori Prefecture
Photograph (c) Jane Alden Stevens /All Rights Reserved

Culled Apples & Branches, Early Summer, Aomori Prefecture
Photograph (c) Jane Alden Stevens /All Rights Reserved

Growing apples in the traditional way is a laborious, hands-on process in Japan. At the moment of harvest, an apple raised in this manner has been touched by the farmer's hands at least ten times since its blossom was set.Jane Alden Stevens, Traditional Apple Growing in Japan

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Photographs by David Leventi, David Taylor, Isabelle Pateer,
Jane Alden Stevens, Susan Lynn Smith, and Taylor Glenn

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Caio Fern said...

Wonderful photos of the borders... the wall and fence could be in a museun now ... i bet that lots of artists would like to have projected it ( and few a bit jealous ) , in special the one of second photo .
The Romania... wow!! doesn't look like real ... beautiful.
I think that because of your blog i knew Fraction alread and have enjoyed this for a while.

Kristin H said...

Wonderful telling pictures. I am especially touched by the one from Romania, wondering when it was taken.

All the best:)

Rose Hunter said...

Yes, wonderful photos of the border. Glad I found this blog! I'll keep looking....