PUBLISHING IN YOUR HANDS: Join the PhotoBook Discussion

Publishing in Your Hands
A roundtable discussion with
Andy Adams, David Bram, Darius Himes, and Melanie McWhorter

Posted on FRACTION BLOG: "At the end of last year (2009) Miki Johnson and Andy Adams coordinated a "cross-blog" discussion about the future of photography books. Over forty bloggers participated with a range of amateur and professional voices piping in and adding their thoughts to the mix. The interest in the subject of photobooks* has continued unabated and various fairs devoted to the Photobook are popping up around the world.

With the 3rd annual Photography Book Now and featuring a contest deadline fast approaching (sponsored by Blurb with a whopping $25,000 grand prize), a few of us that love photobooks thought we would initiate another online discussion about self-publishing—where we've come in the last few years in terms of perception, creativity and technology." –Darius Himes, Santa Fe, June 20, 2010
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When I posted my 2 cents on the "Future of Photography Books" back in December, I was just considering using Blurb.com for the first time for a photobook project. Half a year and several Blurb books later...I am a total convert! I think it's the greatest invention since the internet! It's opened up a world of possibilities for everyone, where it had been open to only a few. Your self-published book can be as great as you (or your book designer!) are able to create.
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Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Elizabeth,

Today's post I feel weighs as much as all other of your posts put together in importance.

With publishing companies struggling we artists are delegated to wearing yet another had by becoming not only our own publisher on demand, but also graphic designer and promoter.

Recently I and some of my friends have been looking into self-publishing and the different venues of distribution.

I thank you for bringing together numerous links for an excellent overview.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

Bruce Barone said...

I LOVE Blurb!

Before Blurb I self-published photo & poetry zines at a local print shop. Artists from around the world contributed and it was a passion of mine to promote them on my site and with these zines.

Blurb makes it all so much more doable. And fun!

I have a few (my images)in the works:

"Famous People Famous Places; Forgotten Images of a Lost Times Square," with an introduction by Luc Sante.

"The Gardens of Michael Trapp"

"At Bunny Williams' Country Home"

"Bruce Cooks: Love in the Kitchen;
Healthy, Simple, Inspired Recipes
for Every Day Celebrations."

"The Cat Nadine"

And I have ideas for more:)

And I do want to get back to creating an international artist zine.

elizabeth avedon said...


I know you would do a lovely book along with your text and poetry.
Just start with a small book first 7 x 7" and import your text and artwork and just move the pages and layouts around until you until you like the order.

By that time you'll be familiar with the way the template works and then you can be very creative with your title page and cover. Treat them like one of your collages.

It doesn't have to be perfect the first time, just have fun, and I know it come out well.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

My husband published a book of my photos and poetry from over the last 25 years. It has turned out to be very expensive but the beauty in the images and the words is a gift I will treasure to have and to hold. He used Shutterfly. Thank you for your information. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

ArtTv said...

I get a lot of people interested in looking at my book,
"The Katoeys of Nana Plaza" and the slide show video has over 250,000 hits on YouTube.
Check it out at:


dkelly said...

Coney Island Dream http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/526892

People Look At Art http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/454345
2 of my blurb books

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I am glad I had another to see your comment to me.
Thank you so very much for your advice and guidance as it is much appreciated.

Wishing you peace and good health,

Crónicas boémias de um Olhar said...

Dear Elizabeth,

It just to say, Great Blog…

I took the liberty to elect you, my – Blog of the Month.

I hope you don't mind...?!?

Greetings and Salutations from Lisbon.

Lizblog said...

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Caio Fern said...

The Blurb's self-publishing initiative has been the best thing in my life.

LizBlog said...

Support the Arts!
Caio Fernandes Blurb Books:

Karen Marshall said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Blurb has provided a great place to create books and contemplate and resolve various bodies of work. In the case of my Navajo Indian project Caretakers of The Earth Navajo Resistance and Relocation blurb has provided an independent venue for an extremely important story that was deemed politically too controversial by mainstream publishers. It has been great to be able to share a hardcopy version for those that wish to purchase it.


All best,

Marc. said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for recommending my modest project!!!