100 PORTRAITS/100 PHOTOGRAPHERS: FlakPhoto at FotoWeek DC

Soldier: Birkholz - 353 Days in Iraq, 205 Days in Afghanistan, 2004
Photograph (c) Suzanne Opton
/All Rights Reserved

Marine, Hotel Near Airport, Richmond, 2009
Photograph (c) Susan Worsham
/All Rights Reserved

Steven, Route 10, Louisiana, 2006
Photograph (c) Amy Stein
/All Rights Reserved

100 Portraits — 100 Photographers
Selections from FlakPhoto.com's Archive

Andy Adams of FlakPhoto.com teamed up with Indie Photobook Library creator Larissa Leclair to produce a Flak Photo screening (featuring work published on FlakPhoto.com over the past four years) to be shown at the Corcoran Gallery of Art during the FotoWeek DC festival. NOV 6-13, 2010.


R Montalban said...

Love these.....

cornel said...

is so impressive approach to the war trauma

Susan May Tell said...

Great images.

Top Rated Cameras said...

Wonderful photos! :) I personally like the first pic!