SHERI LYNN BEHR: Rock and Roll Archive

Bono, NYC, 2005
Photograph (c) Sheri Lynn Behr /All Rights Reserved

The Ramones, CBGB's, 1977
Photograph (c) Sheri Lynn Behr /All Rights Reserved

Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar, The Bottom Line, 1979
Photograph (c) Sheri Lynn Behr /All Rights Reserved

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Madison Square Garden, 1977
Photograph (c) Sheri Lynn Behr /All Rights Reserved

Sheri Lynn Behr grew up in the Bronx, and studied photography and digital imaging in New York City at the New School, ICP, and Pratt Manhattan. Her photographs of musicians in the 1970s appeared in most music publications of the time, including Rolling Stone, Creem, and Billboard, and she often shot on assignment for major recording companies such as RCA and Arista and Atlantic Records. These images are now considered fine art photographs and have been included in several photography exhibitions.

Sheri Lynn Behr
Sheri's Blog includes a look back on shooting Iggy Pop, The Clash, Ian Dury, David Johansen, Meat Loaf, Hot Tuna, U2, Lou Reed, Garland Jeffries - I'm looking forward to more posts! Also view Behr's Lucky Cats


Ricky Bush said...

Wow! Great stuff! She's got wonderful tales to tell.

Susan May Tell said...


These are really cool photographs!

You were definitely there!!

Caio Fern said...

ahhh Elizabeth... only you for bringing happyness to a boring warm rainny saturday afternoom with a such wonderful Ramones photo.
SHERI LYNN BEHR made exellent works for all her carrier.
The funny part of this post is that the "vintage" photos are about artists performing and making things happen . While the most recent one is of Bonno doing the silly sign with hand and trying to look "correct" "nice" and being "populist" .
I think that with this Sheri is again being totaly faithul to what is happening not only with Rock'n'roll but with arts in general today.
This is what a great photographer does.
Thank you .

Liz.Blog said...

Caio, I posted The Ramones just for you! I knew you would love it.

Joe Mondello said...

I've been hearing about Sheri's R'n'R images for a while now. Great to see more of them, thanks.

Bradford said...

ahh...Joey Ramone. Brings back memories. I'm glad I found this blog.