CAIO FERN: Slam Magazine Artist Interivew

Acrylic on Canvas (c) Caio Fern 2010 /All Rights Reserved

Sometimes in Brazil the word ambition is seen as a sin...

Slam Magazine Interview
Interview with Artist Caio Fern by Terri Lloyd
Caio Fern Paintings, BlogJournal, Photography


Unknown said...

Caio is a realy great artist ! hugh Kathrin

Sandy said...

My true friend! What can I say? You are awesome! You never cease to amaze me with not only your art, but your ability to express yourself with words, also. AWESOME! :-) This was the best interview I have read in a long time! Terri did an excellent and knowledgeable job!
Ich liebe dich,msahcfstisc♥♥♥

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Great Elisabeth and great Caio!

Cris said...

Yes, that´s Caio, i´m sure!
Great interview.
Thanks for share it, Elizabeth.

Nicole Horn-Fakher said...

Hi Elizabeth,
it's good to see some more positive feedback for Caio here also. I had a lot of fun to read the interview. Think it gives a good first insight to Caios world and art and also shows little bit of his special humor.

By the way - how could I pass to join your blog? I don't know. Will have a look more often.

with greetings

Anonymous said...

A great interview with a one of a kind being. I loved it.