ASMP-NY: Curators + Dealers Panel

(L to R) Moderator Susan May Tell, with Panelists: Jeff Rosenheim, Curator of Photographs, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Howard Greenberg, Owner of the Howard Greenberg Gallery; Brian Wallis, Chief Curator, ICP, The International Center of Photography

Jeff Rosenheim, Howard Greenberg, Brian Wallis

February 2, 2011: Panelists Jeff L. Rosenheim - Curator of Photographs, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Howard Greenberg - top photography dealer and owner of New York City's Howard Greenberg Gallery; and Brian Wallis - Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Collections and Chief Curator, International Center of Photography came together for a conversation on Fine Art Photography. The New York chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Professionals) was host to this event, moderated by its Fine Art Chair, photographer Susan May Tell. The conversation took place at Soho Photo.

A few of the many topics discussed throughout the evening included, how each of them became interested in photography, their relationships with collectors and auction houses,
how they choose exhibitions, the importance (or not) of prints being editioned and/or signed ("only one signature matters - Henri Cartier-Bresson"), and wet vs digital prints. The evening was casual and fun, while also inspiring and illuminating. One example is Rosenheim's response about editioning prints: "I am less concerned with rarity and more concerned with poetry."

Read more about the evening here:
SHARPEN by Stella Kramer


Susan May Tell said...


It was great to see you at this most awesome event. Thank you for blogging about it!!

ASMPNY was honored to have these commanding voices at the nucleus of Fine Art Photography be on a panel.

I was struck by their ability to have this serious conversation while, simultaneously, make it lots of fun -- for themselves and for the audience.

Susan May Tell - ASMPNY/Fine Art Chair

Robert Hooman said...

thank you for coming Elizabeth and blogging about it. see you at the next one