THOMAS KELLNER: Photography In Art

London, Tower Bridge, 2001 
Photograph (c) Thomas Kellner /All Rights Reserved  
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Budapest Parliament, 2006  
Photograph (c) Thomas Kellner /All Rights Reserved
Monaco, Royal Palace, 2006 
Photograph (c) Thomas Kellner /All Rights Reserved
Beijing, Great Wall of Mutianyu 1, 2006 
Photograph (c) Thomas Kellner /All Rights Reserved 
"Each photographic work is made up of horizontally placed film strips of up to 1,269 individual pictures. Every single one of these smaller images was taken with the camera from a slightly shifted perspective and subsequently combined into an overall picture, creating an entirely new image." "To approach something like The Great Wall of China is much more complicated than it looks. Once you reach one of the accessible parts of The Wall, you have to walk, climb, and tumble up and down the path on top of the Wall and the many stairs that have been polished by the feet of thousands and thousands of soldiers, and later by millions of tourists. You have to get away from the mass tourism to find a place of silence. In the way that I work, it is not possible to photograph more than just a little piece out of the thousands of miles of this wall. It takes hours to expose 25 roles of 36-exposure film, or 900 shots, to be finished before the sunset, smog and fog enter the frame. In this image, I started with sunshine in the bottom of the image and ended with less sun towards the top."–Thomas Kellner
German born artist/photographer, Thomas Kellner, creates large scale images that combine photography, collage and moving pictures. His final images are contact prints of the films he shoots—the more film, the larger the final image. If he shoots one film, the size is 20cmx24cm; if he shoots 36 films, the print is 100cmx120cm. Read more here


Caio Fern said...

this work really really makes me feel like to give a closer look.

Unknown said...

very amazing/inspiring work ...

teresa said...

This is amazing.

Anthony Jones said...

Brilliant, I know Thomas from when we both took part in the London Photograph Fair way back!

Les Walker said...

outstanding concept and imagery, and must see in person..