MIKE REBHOLZ: Ice Fishing In Wisconsin

Anson Jimenez Shack #3 Lake Monona WI
Photograph © Mike Rebholz

Un-Named Shack and Blue Whale, Lake Monona, WI
Photograph © Mike Rebholz

Clint Schneider Shack #1, Lake Monona, WI
Photograph © Mike Rebholz

Barry Thoma Shack #5, Lake Monona, WI
Photograph © Mike Rebholz

10 Weeks Ice Fishing In Wisconsin

"I'm a photographer and I live and work in Madison, Wisconsin, or at least that's where the journey begins. I'm happiest on the road going to or from location. There is a profound mystery for me in going some place new - I might see a new building, see something I don't know about, meet a new person, be exposed to something I've never experienced before. Photography is a good occupation for the curious." – Mike Rebholz

Mike Rebholz was one of 100 photographers invited to participate in Review Santa Fe 2011.


R Montalban said...

These are really, really lovely. Never got to meet Mike properly but I wish I had as this is genuinely beautifully photographed and aesthetically really pleasing.

Liziane said...

Interesantes construcciones,y qué frío!

read said...

beautiful work and clear that Rebholz sees the warm human hearts in or behind those cold, cold shacks.

Sharon said...

This is beautiful work. So quiet and moving.


cmadcram said...

these are fantastic.