RUBEN E. REYES: The Raramuri

Ester and Her Siblings. Samachique, Mexico
Photograph © Ruben E. Reyes

Raramuri religious dancers during the ceremonies for the Virgin of Guadalupe, San Ignacio, Mexico. Photograph © Ruben E. Reyes

Ebaristo and his son Santiago from Basigochito, Mexico
Photograph © Ruben E. Reyes

Raramuri parishioners wait outside the village church for the ceremony in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe to begin, Cusarare, Mexico. Photograph © Ruben E. Reyes

"Raramuri’s are a group of indigenous people that live in the Copper Canyon area of northern Mexico. They are reclusive people that have resisted westernization for almost four hundred years, however in the past twenty years there has been a shift in their culture, due to a prolonged drought, pressure from the Mexican government, and an increase in tourism in the area. As they become modern they begin to loose their cultural essence, their traditional clothing, their language." –Ruben E. Reyes

Documentary photographer, Ruben E. Reyes (México D.F.), was one of 100 photographers chosen to participate in Review Santa Fe 2011.

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R Montalban said...

beautiful images, all of them and I really love the second one in particular.

by land by air by sea said...

to think that this is still possible...

in 1980 when travellling in san crsitobal de las casas

one could not photograph the locals for fear of death.

now, i hear, there is an airport there.

it is not so long ago and one realizes that the world we think will stay forever

that is not possible any longer.


Caio Fern said...

beautiful photos and people.
it happens exactaly the same way with indigenous comunitys in Brazil, the influence of the government and the USA and Eglish missionaries that contact the tribes for "helping" then ans study the territory totaly destroy the local cultures.

Pierre BOYER said...

Very nice pictures Eizabeth....
Greetings from france,