MARJORIE SALVATERRA: Clark | Oshin Gallery

Gwen, 2010
Marjorie Salvaterra

Screaming Man, 2011
Marjorie Salvaterra

“...a fine line between sanity and insanity...”– Virginia Heckert, Associate Curator of Photography at The Getty Center

“When most girls were reading Judy Blume, I was reading the DSM," says Salvaterra. "It lists all the psychological disorders and their symptoms. Diagnosis is made on the number of symptoms. And yet, it is easy to go through the list of symptoms for the various disorders and think, ‘that could be me.’ Are we all a little crazy -- at least at certain moments in our lives? Is it nurture vs. nature? Some believe people are either born sane or insane. Others believe we are all born perfect and it's the things that happen in our lives that damage us. I tend to believe the latter. In each portrait, I am looking for that line in each person: the part of ourselves that we tend to hide, the part that scares us, the part that is usually saved for the people closest to us - the ones that know our secrets.”

Marjorie Salvaterra Exhibition through July 7


Sérgio Pontes said...

Nice portrait

Aline said...

Just went to the exhibition and it's quite spectacular!

Caio Fern said...

i really want to see her work closer... I am impressed with the way she works with contrasts.... claro-escuro.
I want to see hte paper she uses , I want to see everything.

Sheri Lynn Behr said...

Great exhibit. Just went to see it. Thanks for pointing me to it!