WILLIAM RUGEN: Western Dioramas

Badwater Basin, Death Valley, CA
Photograph © William Rugen

Bloomington, New Mexico
Photograph © William Rugen

New Forest Drive, Cold Springs, NV
Photograph © William Rugen

"Western Dioramas is a snapshot of the American West after nearly two centuries of Manifest Destiny. My interest is in how we Americans have used, abused, discarded and rediscovered the overwhelming space and limited resources time and again and the wary line we draw between where we live and what surrounds us." William Rugen

William Rugen was one of 100 photographers chosen to participate in Review Santa Fe 2011. More about Review Santa Fe Part I / Part II on La Lettre de la Photographie. An Interview with Review Santa Fe's, Laura Pressley, Executive Director of CENTER.


Dave F Barker said...

Likin the first shot fab lead in with the fence, people give scale and space to the scene :)

nice framing on the second shot with the towers :)

Pierre BOYER said...

Beau témoignage...


R Montalban said...

These are great pictures that I am drawn into.

Bruce Barone said...

I love these!