Photograph (c) Cynthia Matthews /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Cynthia Matthews /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Cynthia Matthews /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Cynthia Matthews /All Rights Reserved

This world of bird dog field trials, which originated in the Deep South, exists all across the nation and encapsulates a very unique sliver of Americana. You have dogs competing – running through fields, prairies or woods hunting for quail, pheasant or partridge – followed by men on horses, followed by spectators on horses, followed by me.– Cynthia Matthews

Bird Dog Country: 1985 to 2001

I met Cynthia Matthews sometime back at ASMPNY Fine Art Portfolio Review. As she explained, "It all began in 1985 when I was sent on assignment by Town & Country Magazine down to Tennessee to photograph the National Bird Dog Championships - some call it the Kentucky Derby of bird dog trials. I got hooked and the "addiction" led to many different locales in addition to Tennessee: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Dakota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Jersey and New York." Cynthia Matthews Website.


Susan May Tell said...

I love these images. Such a unique quality to them. Very evocative, almost nostalgic. Yet straight forward, without artifice.

Unknown said...

Very beautiful, thank you for posting.

Laurent said...

An extremely pretty and welcome posting. The breed of dog I live with, is for woodcock flushing from the brush, and I have to say that has usually been painting which has captured that anxious energy and lightning trespass. To portray it photographically is not only technically difficult, it calls for true feeling for the act. I am very grateful to see this.

Sharon said...

Very, very beautiful work. I am moved by these photographs.


Viviane Moos said...

Cynthia's Bird Dog Country is both lyrical, painterly, beautiful and historical in context. Her love and knowledge of this ancient sport is obvious along with her own expertise as a rider, seeing that many of the images were made on horse-back. This work is a treasure for any collector of art or photography.

Margaret McCarthy said...

These pictures capture moments of a beautiful primal energy- masterfully composed, they hold mystery, emotion and heart.
I'm so happy to see this work here!
Margaret McCarthy

nikki Henkin said...

What a beautiful tribute to the bird dog by Cynthia Matthews. Your blog inspired me to look for more works from this talented photographer. Thank you.

HD55 said...

Wonderful photos. I came across them by chance, as is often the case, and they really grabbed my attention. The group of pointers really sums up their inherent disposition well. Many thanks for posting these.