MIRIAM ROMAIS: Mission Murals

Hay Perro, 2011
Photograph © Miriam Romais

Hand, 2011
Photograph © Miriam Romais

Moon, 2011
Photograph © Miriam Romais

"The Muralist Movement in this predominantly Latino neighborhood in San Francisco (the Mission District) involves an act of acceptance, sharing, validation and celebration –– an art form that can be easily traced back to Mayan and Aztec scenes painted on temple walls, or the caves of Lascaux. Many are highly politicized statements, whether celebrating indigenous cultures, protesting the wars in Central America, or honoring the fight for freedom in Nepal. Life and art are intertwined here, each mural with its own message inspired by the works of Mexican Muralists and motivated by the Civil Rights movement." "My fascination with the meaning and temporality of these murals, inspires me to help preserve what can easily disappear or become vandalized, while helping the muralist further disseminate their little-known histories to new and broader geographic audiences. Many of these murals are kept as safe as possible thanks to PrecitaEyes.org* in San Francisco, which is why a percentage of print sales are being donated to this organization that has been so instrumental in their creation and preservation."Miriam Romais

PAINTED VOICES: Photographs by Miriam Romais
January 16 - March 7
Grady Alexis Gallery / El Taller Latino Americano
2710 Broadway @ 104th St NYC

Miriam Romais is a NY based photographer, curator and also the Executive Director & Editor of En Foco & Nueva Luz Photographic Journal...read more


Caio Fern said...

wonderful project.

Susan May Tell said...

Story-telling. Vibrant with pathos!

Paul Biddle said...

Brilliant project - such vibrant colour - Diego would be proud.

Miriam said...

Gracias Elizabeth, I am honored and grateful!