MICHAEL CROUSER: Mid-Career Retrospective

Los Toros (Twin Palms)
Photograph © Michael Crouser

Dog Run (Viking Studio)
Photograph ©
Michael Crouser

Valladolid, Spain, 1996
Photograph ©
Michael Crouser

Mountain Ranch
Photograph ©
Michael Crouser

Michael Crouser: A Mid-Career Retrospective
January 13 - February 25
Leica Gallery 670 Broadway NYC

Michael Crouser's retrospective exhibition at New York's Leica Gallery includes work from four distinct series covering 25 years, Los Toros, Dog Run, Mountain Ranch and Sin Tiempo. Los Toros was a fifteen-year exploration of bullfighting in Spain, Mexico, South America and France. The collection was published as a monograph by Twin Palms, and won first place in the 2008 International Photography Awards, Fine Art Book category. Mountain Ranch was an exploration of the disappearing world of cattle ranching in the mountains of Colorado. This project was made possible through the generous support of Kodak. Dog Run was an experiment in seeing dogs in a new way...in the midst of their intense play in urban dog parks. Shot in Minneapolis and New York, Dog Run was published by Viking Studio, and was supported by Kodak. His series, Sin Tiempo, "without time" in Spanish, are fascinating "momentary vignettes giving no evidence of the photographs time or place." All the photographs in the exhibition were shot on Tri-X film and printed in a traditional darkroom.

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New York City's Leica Gallery has been run in partnership with Leica Camera since 1994 and is closely linked to the company. The gallery has become a leading location for both traditional and modern photojournalism in the New York gallery scene; located in an historic building in Greenwich Village that is listed in the records of the American Institute of Architects.The gallery has housed more than 115 exhibitions, including renowned photographers such as Alfred Eisenstaedt, Inge Morath, Leonard Freed, Alex Webb, Erich Hartmann, and Karl Lagerfeld.


Paul Biddle said...

Wonderful and strangely timeless imagery - Brilliant

R Montalban said...

Like these pictures, particularly the first and third :-)

the plant gardener said...

striking photgraphs

Larry the Artist said...

Images worth lingering over.

George McKay said...

Despite the variation in subject matter, these images share a dramatic sense of somber intrigue as well as that sense of timelessness.