MATTHEW AVEDON: Music + Fashion Interview

Matthew Avedon An Interview for Massimo Dutti

Matthew Avedon/Vogue Italia Photographed by Dawidh Orlando

Matthew Avedon Film by Hunter + Gatti for Massimo Dutti
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A Talk With Matthew Avedon
Massimo Dutti Journal: #169

What are your passions?

While I have many interests, my main passion in life is working as a musician. I am an active member of the New York Jazz community and play gigs as many nights of the week as possible! I have my own group that plays Jazz Manouche in the style of Django Reinhardt and we call ourselves the Hot Club Time Machine, I also play some more modern things with my group the Matthew Avedon Trio, and I also play with an amazing New Orleans Jazz band called Jessy Carolina and The Hot Mess. On top of that I try to collaborate with as many musicians in other styles as I can. The life of a working musician can be very hard, and demands a lot of discipline but it is so creatively fulfilling that I wouldn't want to be doing anything else; except working for Massimo Dutti of course!

Obvious question: What is the weight of the name of the most admired photographer your grandfather?
Obviously my last name holds a lot of weight in the fashion industry and there's no getting around that. My grandfather played a very important role in shaping the aesthetics of modern fashion and how it presents itself, and his work as a creative force is undeniable. As a model on the other side of the camera I am understandably always asked about my grandfather, and all I can say is that as a man I didn't know him very well, but as an artist I deeply respect his contribution to photography.

Have you ever thought about taking a camera?
I have never seriously thought of taking up photography, it's not where my heart is so I wouldn't want to attempt it just because I have a famous last name. I leave that legacy to my younger brother Michael Avedon (michaelavedon.com) who is extremely talented and getting better every day! 

What about design? 
For me design is not something you do separate from everything else. Design is a way of approaching the world, everybody designs the world they live in as best they can. I have however considered working as a designer specifically as a job and it's something I think I would be quite good at, but right now I want to pour all my energy into improving as a musician, so I leave the design world to more capable hands.

New York or Paris?
I am a born and bred New Yorker and very proud of it! Paris is great and I love visiting, but New York will always be my home even though it has changed so much since I was a kid. It's the curse of the city that people who grow up here have a really hard time adjusting to living anywhere else and that is very true for me!

 What is your favorite part in the world where do you like to go?
I am very lucky that my job takes me all over the world and I get to see so many great places, the problem is I never get to stay for very long! Barcelona has always been a very fun place for me to visit and I have a few friends living there; anyone who has been there knows what a party town it can be. Through work I've spent so many years traveling around Europe and I've actually not had a chance to see that much of America besides California and a few other places, so soon I plan on taking a good long road trip across the country. I'm particularly looking forward to visiting New Orleans where the music scene is really amazing!

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Susan May Tell said...

So talented, as a musician (I've heard him play!) and as a model -- and very articulate!