RAISSA VENABLES: I'm Not Interested In Reality

 Jewel Room, Grünes Gewölbe Dresden
Photograph © 2010 Raϊssa Venables

 Green Vault, Grünes Gewölbe Dresden
Photograph © 2010 Raϊssa Venables

x=X Atrium Ceiling, DZ Bank Berlin
Photograph © 2010 Raϊssa Venables 

As I photographically reconstruct these rooms, I experience the spaces in an obsessive manner that allows me to know them intimately. I do away with photography’s conventional one point perspective as I play with multiple vanishing points.–Raϊssa Venables

Raϊssa Venables creates rooms with multiple perspectives that then gain anthropological dimensions. Her work is featured in a group exhibition "I am Not Interested in Reality" in Berlin, Germany. The exhibition showcases five international photomedia artists "exploring the notion of reality, conceptually through approaches other than documentary."

I Am Not Interested in Reality
to Nov. 30, 2012

With Erwin Olaf, Jorma Puranen, Natascha Stellmach,
Raϊssa Venables and Thomas Wrede

Raϊssa Venables is a graduate of SVA's Masters in Digital Photography. The School of Visual Arts 'Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Digital Photography' is an intensive one-year or part-time two-year program that addresses the technical and creative needs of professional photographers, photography educators, and creative professionals who are looking to advance their technical skills in digital image capture, asset management, and high-quality output to create compelling and engaging images.

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