BILLY & HELLS: After Hours

Billy + Hells 1978 
from the series “The Astronaut’s Wife”

Billy + Hells
Flug, 2007

Billy + Hells
Oskar, 2008

After Hours, at Fahey/Klein in L.A., is the first U.S. exhibition from contemporary photographers Billy+Hells. This retrospective exhibition is comprised of their ethereal portraits and atmospheric landscape series. “Billy + Hells” is the pseudonym for the creative duo comprised of Berlin based photographers Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger.

"Billy+Hells’ photographs exist in a world of in-betweens. Their deceptively simple, straightforward portraits convey a certain complexity. The archetypal characters depicted in their photographs—mothers, soldiers, cowboys, nurses, and teachers— possess an underlying sense of mystery, hinting at the duality of the sitter as well as the fictional world they inhabit. Although Billy + Hells’ images call upon historical and art historical references, their portraits are not burdened by the stipulations of historical recreations. Instead, seamlessly blending past and present, reality and fantasy, their photographs become a nostalgic diary, purposefully left open for interpretation."– Fahey/Klein 

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George McKay said...

Fahey/Klein is always one of my priority stops on visits to L.A. The collection of work by nearly every renowned photographer you can name plus innovative work from relative newcomers is astounding.