JOHN SCHABEL: Passengers ICP BookSigning postponed due to Blizzard rescheduled for Friday, Feb 22nd, 6–7:30pm

  Untitled [Passenger] 1994-1996 © John Schabel

Untitled [Passenger] 1994-1996 © John Schabel

I said: "I have the feeling you wouldn’t want to give the literal details of where you took these photographs. I’m not even sure I want to know."

He said: "The thing about them is they are so ‘no place’. The idea of being in a plane is so much about being between places and that’s part of that state of mind I wanted to try and photograph. It’s so much about the in-between time and a mixture of feelings and emotions; I thought maybe I could make portraits of people in that state of mind you get into when you fly."

Friday, February 22, 6:00pm–7:30pm
International Center for Photography
1133 Avenue of the Americas

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