ARTHUR MEYERSON: The Color of Light

"The Color of Light"
 Front Cover: Red Hat, Wyoming
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Red Car, Blue Interior

"An Arthur Meyerson image is both original and classic. There is no more winning combination. Looking at his photographs one feels they have entered a world more beautiful than any they could have imagined" – Amy Arbus. Photographer, New York

 The Palio, Italy

"Powerful, elegant photographs by one of the most respected photographers working today. The world according to Arthur Meyerson, is one f enchanting color, deep beautiful, humor and hope." – Keith Carter, Photographer. Beaumont, Texas

 Blue Suede Shoes Salook, Memphis

 "Why in God's name would anyone believe anything good I say about Arthur Meyerson? After all, everyone knows he's one of my best friends. – Jay Maisel, Photographer

Exhibition: Colorful and exotic locales captured by award winning photographer, Arthur Meyerson on his photographic journeys to all seven continents. 

Now through February 18, 2014


Patrick Lucas said...

really interesting
thanks for sharing

Patrick Lucas said...

really interesting
thanks for sharing

Meera Rao said...

thanks for sharing -- so much to admire and learn from!

JL Cancio said...

Elizabeth, I wanted to apologize. Recent messages that appeared on your blog, with my name, were one malware spam usurped my emails. It happened to all the followers of my blog. Im sorry, I could never use any other offensive content. You can see my facebook profile to verify that. I hope that the misunderstanding can be solved. Your work is one of the most important in recent times. Greetings.