SAUL LEITER: Photographs + Paintings

(left) Window, 1957. (right) Snow, 1960
Photographs © Saul Leiter | Howard Greenberg Gallery

Saul Leiter Paintings at Knoedler Project Space
Paintings gouache, casein and watercolor on paper

Taxi, 1957
© Saul Leiter | Howard Greenberg Gallery

Saul Leiter and Jean Pagliuso, 2009
Photograph © Elizabeth Paul Avedon

Magazine editor (l) Gay Morris Empson; Designer Susan Forristal; Saul Leiter 'Painting' Exhibition Curator, Carrie Springer (background sleeveless black dress); and photographer (r) Jean Pagliuso, at Saul Leiters opening

Paintings by New York School photographer Saul Leiter, an exhibition curated by Carrie Springer, opened at the Knoedler Project Space last night. Saul Leiter is best known for his early 1950's and 1960's color photographs. "Saul Leiter was a painter and only became a photographer when color photography could encompass the distinct color palette he wanted to include in his images. Since the 1940s, this inveterate walker has trawled the streets of New York, capturing its colors and spirit. His liking for disarray, solitude and elusiveness make him a unique artist, quite unconcerned about joining the throng." Steidl Books.

Sept 17-Nov 7
Saul Leiter: Paintings
*Knoedler Project Space

Saul Leiter Photographs | Howard Greenberg Gallery
Saul Leiter Books

*Update: The Knoedler Gallery closed November 2011


JMW said...

Love the window reflection images.

Bea said...

How I wish I could have been at that opening. To see his work up close. Thanks for sharing these with us. :)Bea

Caio Fern said...

i liked very much the paintings and photographys .
thanks for to share !!

Kwana said...

What beautiful images. Thanks for sharing and for following my blog.


how divine to be taken into such a gala event/exhibition - so gracious of you to share! thank you!

JOTA ENE ✔ said...

Beautiful pictures

Anonymous said...

Great work...
It is un inspirer...
love and light

spookydragonfly said...

A pleasure to view your blog, it seems as if you lead an interesting life...how fortunate of you to meet so many talented artists. Thank you for showing interest in the captures of my woods. I'm currently focusing on my efforts at Artist Rising. I've enjoyed my visit!

:.tossan® said...

Thank you very much for accompanying the klictossan. Amazing work!

Mª Angeles B. said...

Gracias por tus comentarios en nuestro blog. Interesante el trabajo aqui expuesto en tu blog. Esta galeria esta muy bien realizada.

Un beso

Jose Casielles


Carlos Lorenzo said...

I didn't know about his work. Thanks for portraying part of it. From what I see here I do like the color tones. I specially liked the "unconcerned about joining the throng" part.

Anonymous said...

To Saul Leiter. Hello Saul...I came across your site when I was researching some photographers for an interview...we worked together in the sixties and you took a beautiful photo of me that appeared in Harper's Bazaar. Soames was my maid of honor when I married. We lost touch when I moved to Paris. I have a website MLBKI.com and I am the principal. I hope you are well and if you would like to connect my web site is MKaye@mlbki.com. Your photos are always beautiful. Best Marilyn Grano Harra Kaye

Susan May Tell said...

His photographs are absolutely stunning and sublime!

Steidl gets it when saying:
"disarray, solitude and elusiveness make him a unique artist, quite unconcerned about joining the throng."

Thank you for posting this!