South Downs Way, West Sussex, 8th October 2007
Copyright (c) Simon Roberts
/All Rights Reserved

Holkham National Nature Reserve, Norfolk, 18th February 2008
Copyright (c) Simon Roberts
/All Rights Reserved

Camel Estuary, Padstow, Cornwall, 27th September 2007
Copyright (c) Simon Roberts
/All Rights Reserved

September 10-October 24, 2009


Roberts first monograph * Motherland
(* view Roberts impressive photographs of contemporary Russia)


Betty Manousos said...

Loved topic and pics. Thank you so much for sharing.
Haev a great time:)

Caio Fern said...

there is something magic in the way he builds these images !! what seems to be so simple turns in an epic view .

Kelly M. said...

Roberts' sense of the immensity of space and sky quite overwhelms one, doesn't it? wonderful, wonderful . . .

Unknown said...

These places are very close to my heart. The first is taken for a spot just a couple of miles from me and sometimes, looking out from there, it feels like you can see forever.

namaki said...

wow ! I just love the first one with the paragliders and the heavy clouds ... the lighting n the nature reserve is awsome too ...

Jo Bradford said...

Looking out across the cliffs towards the sea I can see a handful of paragliders on the wind right now. A very common sight here in Cornwall, beautifully captured by Simon Roberts. I am a friend of Debra and Darren over at the KlompChing Gallery - they curate some wonderful shows!

Lizblog said...

Aren't they the coolest! They have impeccable taste.

David Hackley said...

These photographs are beautiful. I got the book the other day from the foto8 website. The size, design, print quality...all amazing. It feels really satisfying to leaf through.