Insomnia Shanghai Heights (c) 2009 Douglas Stockdale/All rights reserved

Photograph (c) 2009 Douglas Stockdale/All rights reserved

Photograph (c) 2009 Douglas Stockdale/All rights reserved

An exploration of the feelings of detachment, disassociation, and loneliness that can occur when one leaves their family and home due to the need to travel alone. These feelings can be intensified when the travel also includes multiple time zones, different cultures and customs, changes in food and diet and other physical or emotional differences.

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Bea said...

Boy, he sure nailed those feelings.
When I looked at the photos it reminded me of my recent talk with my mother, who is in a nursing home. It brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you so much for sharing these. :)Bea

Caio Fern said...

related with insomnia or what ever , these works are incredible .
every single detail !!
thank you for to share !!

amit gupta said...

These pics kinda took my breath away....awesome....
greetings from
Agra India

Nettie Edwards said...

Un-nerving, insightful, uncomfortable, lonely images.

Betty Manousos said...

These pics are amazing!
The writing post ,too.

✿France✿ said...

Bravo du jamais vu encore

La Framéricaine said...

These are stunningly lovely and so representative of, at least, how I feel in that traveling context, alone or in company.

Thank you very much for having come Halfway To France to see me. That was a nice surprise. And quite an odd little coincidence, too, because while imprisoned in the AA flight from SNA to CDG, I leafed through the inflight rag and found a one page article on an SFMOMA Richard Avedon retrospective that will still be there when I return to CA for October, on the way to the Yucatán. When I arrived at your blog here, the names set off a small ripple effect that was neat.

I love photography and hope to come back as a Polaroid in my next incarnation. As a matter of fact, the first French photo magazine that I picked up this trip had an article on a group of ex-Polaroid employees who are working on trying to bring back and instant format AND I actually saw and held in my hands a package of a cartridge of 10 Polaroid film sheets. It cost 16 euros though and I don't know in which box resides my Polaroid camera! But I'm wishing really hard for the comeback.


Philip White said...

I have been in your photographs. I am in them now.