RICHARD RENALDI: Figures and Ground

Curtis, 2007 (c) Richard Renaldi/All rights reserved

Jared and Glen, 2007 (c) Richard Renaldi/All rights reserved

Irina and Children, 2008 (c) Richard Renaldi/All rights reserved

RICHARD RENALDI graduated from New York University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. He is now one of the most renowned young portrait photographers working today. His first book, Figure and Ground, was published by Aperture. "Renaldi’s work melds two classic photographic genres—portrait and straight landscape—into a single descriptive frame that speaks as much to a sense of the indi­viduals before the lens as it does to the spaces they inhabit. The omnivorous film-plane of Renaldi’s 8-by-10 camera embraces not only the individuals directly in front of it, but the environment that encompasses them as well. If there is truly a center to the American social landscape, it can be found here, in Renaldi’s precisely rendered portraits." (Aperture Foundation)
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layers said...

I think linking landscape and environment to the figure is a fascinating connection.

Alexandra MacVean said...

I would have never though to intertwine the subject and the background together, to make a masterpiece. I am a beginner photographer. LOVE your blog and how much I learn from it.

Have a super day! :)

pve design said...

Wonderful photographs.

Bea said...

Oh, I LOVE that woman with the little girls. How beautiful. I just keep going back and looking at it. She's so proud of her girls. :)Bea

Betty Manousos said...

Absolutely great photos!! :)