LEICA GALLERY: Oskar Barnack Room

Oskar Barnack invented the Leica in 1925
The Oskar Barnack Room, Leica Gallery, New York

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The Oskar Barnack Room. (top left) Breslau, 1942, Photograph by Zdenek Tmej; (bottom left) Sold: Lovers In Smoke, Photograph by Frank Stewart. Three Photographs by Harry Weber (center) Opera Ball, Vienna, 2001 (top right) A Lippizzaner, Spanish Riding School, Vienna, 1958 and (bottom right) Lighting the Sabbath Candles, Vienna, 1995.

Molly, 1993 (top) and Pee Pee Rose Angelina, 1987
Photographs by Robin Schwartz

New York's Leica Gallery Director's, Rose A. Deutsch and Jay R. Deutsch, are celebrating the Leica Gallery going into it's 17th year. The gallery, run in partnership with Leica Camera and closely linked to the company, exhibits both traditional and modern photojournalism. Since its foundation, it's housed more than 115 exhibitions, including work by renowned photographers such as Alfred Eisenstaedt, Ralph Gibson, Leonard Freed, Susan Meiselas, Inge Morath, Alex Webb, Erich Hartmann, Karl Lagerfeld and most recently, Antonin Kratochvil.

Their current exhibition, The Marcus Family: Three Generations of New York's Elite Society and Wedding Photographers, is a joyful show about happy occasions. The Marcus Studio being the Bentley of wedding and party photography, this exhibition of photographs from their archives spans three generations of New York's most notable social events. June 11- August 7

Oskar Barnack Room:
"Oskar Barnack's genius idea of creating the small format 35mm camera created a revolution in photography in 1925, paving the way for the birth of the Leica Legend. His diminutive, lightweight LEICA A offered a new, undreamed-of freedom in reportage and artistic photography. From that point to the present day, Leica has had a profound influence on our view of the world we live in."

Always interesting to visit is the revolving gallery of images for sale in the Leica Galleries Oskar Barnack Room. Most photographs are 11 x 14"or 12 x 16" gelatin silver and signed by the photographer. Images for sale include photographers Oskar Barnack, Leonard Freed, Bohdan Holomicek, Inge Morath, Susan Meiselas, Jan Reich, and Evelyn Richter.

The Leica Gallery is located in an historic building in Greenwich Village that is listed in the records of the American Institute of Architects. 670 Broadway, Suite 500, New York, NY


Kristin H said...

Fantastic, I actually did not know it was Oskar Barnack who invented the Leica. We do enjoy the camera though:)

Caio Fern said...

what a lovely and inspiring post !!!

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Susan May Tell said...

Just want to add - the Leica is my favorite camera. Several of my series were taken with a Leica M: Constructed Moments; A Requiem: tribute to the spiritual space at Auschwitz; Real / Unreal: urban landscapes of the 1980's. The Requiem 35mm negatives look wonderful blown up to 6x4 feet and printed on gelatin silver paper.

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Tim Donovan said...

I purchased a Leica D-Lux E a few years back. It has been my main digital camera (I still shoot a lot of film) My newest series, which will be a solo show at Gallery Kayafas in Boston, are large images (44x64) from this point and shoot. Granted, they are very contemporary portraits, but people are amazed when they find out I've shot them with this point and shoot. Just amazing....