PHOTO-EYE GALLERY: Mitch Dobrowner, Edward Ranney and Chris McCaw Photographs

Clouds, 2010
Photograph (c) Mitch Dobrowner/All Rights Reserved

Shiprock triptych, 2008
Photograph (c) Mitch Dobrowner/All Rights Reserved

"I get into a ‘zone’ where time and space seem hard for me to measure." Inspired by his love of storms, LA based photographer Mitch Dobrowner set out to track and photograph these breathtakingly beautiful natural phenomena, driving over 5700 miles across ten mid-western states.

San Cristobal Pueblo, Galisteo Basin, 2007
Photograph (c) Edward Ranney/All Rights Reserved

El Creston
Photograph (c) Edward Ranney/All Rights Reserved

Landscape photographer Edward Ranney's photographs from his newest monograph Down Country of the historically rich Galisteo Basin will be on exhibit. Down Country is the history of five centuries of the Southern Tewa Pueblo Indian culture that rose, faltered, reasserted itself, and ultimately perished in the Galisteo Basin. Down Country Book Signing July 16th 5-7

Sunburned GSP#281 (Pacific Ocean), 2008
Photograph (c) Chris McCaw/All Rights Reserved

Sunburned GSP#279 (Pacific Ocean/movement), 2008
Photograph (c) Chris McCaw/All Rights Reserved

This project has got my mind working overtime and has rejuvenated my faith in analog photography. My favorite part is watching smoke come out of the camera during the exposure!

San Francisco based photographer Chris McCaw began experimenting with burning film by means of long exposures and the sun. Through trial and error, he began using vintage fiber-based gelatin-silver black-and-white photographic paper, putting it in the film holder in place of film and creating a unique paper negative print. In long exposures the sun actually burns through the paper, creating this unique body of work.

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July 10-Sept 5, 2010
photo-eye Gallery will be exhibiting a selection of photographs from Mitch Dobrowner, Edward Ranney and Chris McCaw
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Susan said...

Awesome clouds - and photos of them! Have just started a new blog called Curious Trends, including unique and unusual natural phenomena. Hope you have time to take a look.

Caio Fern said...

oh my !!
what kind of comments do you expect to have on this post?
impossible to find any word...
i am fascinated and totaly lost .
i wish i could see this right in front of my face.

Anonymous said...

Never would I think I could fall more in love with black and white photography, but it has happened.

Danielle Garzelloni said...

Eerie and beautiful, this is the kind of work that gives you new eyes.

bruce@brucebarone.com said...

All this makes me think of John Constable.


The sky is the 'source of light' in nature, and governs every thing. Even our common observations on the weather of every day, are suggested by them......

We see nothing truly till we understand it.

The world is wide; no two days are alike, nor even two hours; neither were there ever two leaves of a tree alike since the creation of the world.

There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, — light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful.