LAURENT GIRARD: Statues of Central Park

Robert Burns
Photograph (c)Laurent Girard /All Rights Reserved

The Falconer
Photograph (c)Laurent Girard /All Rights Reserved

Sir Walter Scott
Photograph (c)Laurent Girard /All Rights Reserved

Group of Bears
Photograph (c)Laurent Girard /All Rights Reserved

Indian Hunter
Photograph (c)Laurent Girard /All Rights Reserved

Three Dancing Maidens
Photograph (c)Laurent Girard /All Rights Reserved

The Angel of the Waters
Photograph (c)Laurent Girard /All Rights Reserved

Taking photographs since the age of 12, French born Laurent Girard has been one of the world's most sought-after master black and white printers for decades. Laurent is the former owner of New York's legendary Lexington Labs, printing for everyone from Richard Avedon, Peter Beard, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, Bert Stern, Herb Ritts to Bruce Davidson, Nicholas Vreeland and Patti Smith (his impressive client list here!). In 2002, he merged Lexington Labs with Coloredge, and, in 2008, Laurent joined Griffin Editions, providing Fine Art Photographic Printing for Artists, Museums and Galleries (their blog). Central Park website.

Statues in Central Park
Gelatin Silver Prints / Selenium Toned
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Update: Laurent Girard
CENTRAL PARK: A Group Portrait
June 8 - August 4, 2012
Leica Gallery • 670 B'way • New York


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Elizabeth, these are wonderful- the Robert Burns are my favourites. pgt

Kristin H said...

I am enjoying the group of Bears. They look so wild and alive in the cold and icy atmosphere.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

For a subject which has been teated so many many times, here's the proof that only the way to look can make the diference ! These statues are living. Beautifull !

House of Hullabaloo said...

Just beautiful! I would love to see the statues some day.....

Susan said...

Beautiful photos - curiously, the trees are as interesting as the statues!


Wonderful blog with lots of great art!
I will have to drop by frequently with such an amount of entries!!!

Caio Fern said...

i remember a friend of mine that made a series of statues . this is a tricky work , seems to be easy , but all he did got a bit vulgar .

this Robert Burns's series is wonderful . He gave so beautiful values for every detail of texture and light .
how did i lose this post ?

Denise SCARAMAI said...

wonderful this work!

LizBlog said...

I love this series...so glad so many of you did too.