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Self Portrait of Artist Caio Fernandes

Paintings (c) Caio Fernandes /All Rights Reserved

1995 while writing a poem named Vida Secreta (Secret Life) in my notebook, on the opposite page the ink left the opposite written–Aterces Adiv. This was just perfect for all I was trying to say...Aterces Adiv, nothing can be hidden in life and as consequence in art.
–Caio Fernandes

Brazilian artist Caio Fernandes explains the history of the four phases of his work while showing us his "best painting among the best". Support the Arts, only $14.00 U.S. BLURB Books "Staff Pick"


Cris said...

Caio is a brilliant artist.
I really want to buy this book!
I´m so excited about it.

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth.

Kelly M. said...

intriguing how an artist discovers a "clumsy" (?) moment and runs with it! Thanks for this posting!

jbkrost said...

Caio with brushes in hand........ is like a mad dog in a meat market
keep going!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

:-) is great

L.Holm said...

Excellent! Am looking forward to seeing this.

Costea said...

Caio is an artist of genius that stands in the crowd.

Unknown said...

I like Caios work really much !

Lisa said...

This is extraordinary art. I have read the book -which
is so beautiful,strong and real. I loved it.


Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Yes, he's a great artist. I am a big fan of his wonderful art....