ANTHONY JONES: Urban Environment

Black Dog Portfolio: Street Study II
Photograph (c) Anthony Jones /All Rights Reserved

London Taxis, 1998
Photograph (c) Anthony Jones /All Rights Reserved

Canary Wharf Station
Photograph (c) Anthony Jones /All Rights Reserved

Puddle, London
Photograph (c) Anthony Jones /All Rights Reserved

Man Walking Down a Passageway
Photograph (c) Anthony Jones /All Rights Reserved

"I still have that first roll of film (I ever took), it was of Trafalgar Square, the photographs are of the space, the built environment of the square and not the people. I return there often to photograph."
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Anthony Jones is a London based photographer known for his black and white images of the urban environment. He uses a Hasselblad medium format camera. His work has been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, London, and through many galleries, including the John Stevenson Gallery in New York.


Susan May Tell said...

love this work!

Teresa Kruszewski said...

These are stunning.

Z said...

I love how he framed his photographs. Great compositions.

I have never heard of him before. Glad!!! You posted his work

Gary Bowen said...

Love the tonal control and the composition. Smashing.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

I agree with Z !
Medium format 6x6 is very well-balanced on the base that can represent a constraint .
He creates very energetics compositions and finaly we don't have the feeling that he works with a square format.
Thank you, I didn't know his images !

Caio Fern said...

so many precious images ....
so good to know someone is doing this.....

Anthony Jones said...

Thank you everyone, you are all so kind.

Unknown said...


anthonyjones said...

The first three photographs along with a further eleven are offered for auction to benefit the world famous George Eastman House from Sept 2 - Oct. 7 at www.ajphoto.info/benefit

R Montalban said...

Very London, love them