SEAN PERRY: Monolith – Portraits of the New York City Skyline

200 West Street
Photograph (c) Sean Perry /All Rights Reserved

200 West Street
Photograph (c) Sean Perry /All Rights Reserved

200 West Street
Photograph (c) Sean Perry /All Rights Reserved

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"The images are presented metaphorically as cynosures,
the stars that illuminate and define our city."

"Monolith – Portraits of the New York City Skyline" is a sophisticated study of contemporary skyscrapers through the eyes of photographer Sean Perry, recasting the built environment of Manhattan into its most primal forms: concrete, glass, steel, light and air. This work furthers Perry's vision of architecture manifesting the phenomenon of sentience – presence beyond tangible design and mass."

The photographs above of Goldman Sachs new headquarters, known as "200 West Street", are a work-in-progress from Sean Perry's series, Monolith – Portraits of the New York City Skyline, in development with Art Director Greg Wakabayashi. The building, designed by Henry N. Cobb and the architecture firm, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, was profiled in The New Yorker by Paul Goldberger.


Bruce Barone said...

great images.

Mice Aliling said...

I am not a cityscape fan...but these black and white photos are mesmerizing...the juxtaposition of architectural lines are a beauty.

Susan May Tell said...

These are wonderful!

Unknown said...

I was born in NY, Brooklyn to be exact, but I have never got to photograph it. I love the ones that I have seen on this site. Maybe someday.

Aline said...

Wonderful work...

Deborah Parkin Photography said...

beautiful images .. such wonderful shapes and lines.

Anthony Jones said...

The best thing I can say about Sean Perry's work is they are photographs I wish I had taken.

Lauren Henkin said...

It's so refreshing to see work that you can just fall into slowly, images that don't hit you over the head, that are confident enough to know that you'll come back to them, continually looking and discovering.