HAI BO: Pace/MacGill Gallery

Shadow–2, 2009
Photograph (c) Hai Bo /All Rights Reserved

Shadow–3, 2009
Photograph (c) Hai Bo /All Rights Reserved

Untitled series–6, 2009
Photograph (c) Hai Bo /All Rights Reserved

TODAY! Jan 20th: 4:45pm
Gallery Walk-Through with Hai Bo
Pace/MacGill Gallery
Jan 20 – Feb 26, 2011

The passage of time and its inevitable conclusion lay at the heart of Hai Bo’s art. The photographs in this new body of work form a simple, yet eloquent and highly personal meditation on man’s fleeting time on earth. The vast landscapes and quotidian portraits wax nostalgic about simpler times and capture the lingering traces of humanity that have been left behind.

Hai Bo, born in 1962 in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province in northeastern China, received a BA in 1984 from the Fine Art Institute of Jilin, China and a MA in 1989 from the Print Department of the Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China. "He has been returning to his hometown for decades to photograph the familiar places of his youth. As China's cities grow exponentially, the artist looks poignantly at another aspect of large-scale urbanization: the increasingly desolate and aging villages of rural China. The photographs convey a sense of nostalgia for the beauty and vastness of the Chinese landscape."

Hai Bo's photographs have been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions, including the China Art Archives and Warehouse, Beijing (2002), Beijing Commune, Beijing (2007, 2008), and the Smithsonian’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington, DC (2010).
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Caio Fern said...

I liked the velvet texture the light sometimes has on these works .
thanks for the link.

Bruce Barone said...

I would love to see this. Maybe it will make its way up to Boston?

rs.benari said...

A wonderful sense of space and a terrific use of light. Thanks for posting these-