JONI STERNBACH: Art Nation Video

SurfLand: 06.07.12 #4 Lone Surfer / 8" x 10" unique tintype. Ditch Plains
Copyright © Joni Sternbach / All rights reserved

SurfLand: 09.08.24 #4 Len / 14" x 17" unique tintype. Radars, Camp Hero
Copyright © Joni Sternbach / All rights reserved

Joni Sternbach Unique Tintypes

Artist in Residence: March 2011 The Art Park/Atlantic in Byron Bay, Australia. Into the Ether: Wet Plate Collodion Workshop: June, 2011 in conjunction with Luz Gallery, British Columbia. Into the Ether: Master Class in Wet Plate Collodion: October 22nd and 23rd, 2011 at Houston Center for Photography...more about Joni Sternbach


Larry the Artist said...

Great post and beautiful images . . . always love hearing from the artist.

Unknown said...

Your blog has always been such a pleasure to read. I am passing along the One Lovely Day Award. Please go to my blog at http://threadsandtraces.blogspot.com/ for details and to pick up your award. Thank you.

Caio Fern said...

Sinse I discovered Joni's work (because of this blog) I can't take it from my mind....
I love it so much .

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Time is stopped here for a while . Ouf ! I can breathe !


Christian said...