Fallen Tree, 1996
Photograph (c) Raymond Meeks

"I was driving towards the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, the home of the Oglala Sioux nation and the birthplace of Leonard Peltier, who was convicted for aiding and abetting the execution style murder of two F.B.I agents during a 1975 shootout on the reservation. The indictment has been controversial (here), the subject of a film by Robert Redford and Michael Apted, Incident at Oglala, which portrays Peltier as a political prisoner.

I had just come from the U.S. penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas where I’d made a few portraits of Leonard Peltier for a magazine commission. The fallen tree, partially submerged in this dried, frozen river bed, seemed a fitting metaphor to accompany the story I was illustrating."–Raymond Meeks (from photo-eye Blog: 3.22.11)

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Scott Waterman said...

What an image.

Isn't that wonderful!

Susan May Tell said...

This excllent photo tells a moving story.

Larry the Artist said...

Another great image was Big Corral from Raymond's website. Beautiful.

Caio Fern said...

beautiful, a perfect image doesn't leave too much to say.