Doll In The Living Room (6 available) $50
Photograph (c) Kevin Miyazaki

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Untitled $50
Photograph (c) Aleksandra Patova

No. 61 2011 $50
Photograph (c) Kerry Mansfield

Jun Masuda as Oyanagi / SOLD OUT
Photograph (c) Hiroshi Watanabe

Rikugien Garden, Tokyo, 2009 / SOLD OUT
Photograph (c) Emily Shur

Tokyo Subway, 2010 / SOLD OUT
Photograph (c) Jeffrey Aaronson

Mudflat Ariake Sea / SOLD OUT
Photograph (c) David Burdeny

Vineyard Blush / SOLD OUT
Photograph (c) Tom Chambers

Fireworks / SOLD OUT
Photograph (c) Gabriel Herman

Ocotillo Tree in Pinto Basin $50
Photograph (c) Ron Resnick

Some Days / SOLD OUT
Photograph (c) Aline Smithson

Lucky Cats:White Cat 001b (5 available) $50
Photograph (c) Sheri Lynn Behr

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this is the first of many auctions the photo community has pulled together asap, powered by aline smithson of lenscratch and christa dix of wall space gallery. over 100 more photographers are donating their work and images are being uploaded every day, so check back often - for $50 you will get an 8 X 10 signed print, one of a special limited edition of ten - 100% of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations, Direct Relief International and Habitat for Humanity Japan, benefiting disaster victims...and check-out the silent auction on march 19th at jennifer schwartz gallery. please visit these sites and *purchase a piece of art!

*purchase thru google check-out.
international buyers: email for an invoice and pay thru paypal. buy multiple prints, pay shipping once. new images posted each day.


Christopher Paquette said...

I just bought a Burdeny ! Great cause!

Aline said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth! This community is amazing!

Mindy Veissid said...

"Bought 2 photos!"

Christopher Paquette said...

Bought one of the Burdeny prints

Donna King Rosser said...

excellent -- I just bought a photo!

Anonymous said...

I bought Burdeny and Lori Nix prints. I encourage others to get a print or two for a great cause.

John Broughton said...

Missed the Hiroshi...

Lizblog said...

Tom Chambers and Hiroshi Watanabe -Sold Out! More images being added each day.

Thérèse said...

Way to go!

Hiroshi Watanabe said...

I am no way entitled to speak on behalf of Japan and its people, but as a man who was born there and who feels it own home country, I sincerely thank Aline and Crista for organizing this effort and everyone else who contributes in any way possible. I am honored to be among this extremely... kind and generous community. Hiroshi

Editions Bessard said...

I bought the picture :Here Lay Wolf And Oscar, 9 x 11 - Dan Shepherd and the picture of Jennifer Shaw was sold out snif snif

Caio Fern said...

really great images, i am glad they are part of a good purpose too.

Unknown said...

Good cause! We got two. Thank you for posting!